2019 Was The Second Hottest Year on Record!

2019 Was The Second Hottest Year on Record!

Last Wednesday, The European Union's earth observing agency, Copernicus, announced

with the fact that the last five years were warmest and the last decade was warmest.

Earth's atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide levels are rising are breaking records, too.

GISS director Schmidt said “We crossed over into more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit warming territory in 2015 and we are unlikely to go back.

This shows that what’s happening is persistent, not a fluke due to some weather phenomenon: we know that the long-term trends are being driven

by the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,”

Every change in the Earth’s global surface temperature has a massive effect on the planet.contributing to the accelerated loss of ice in the Arctic region,

to heatwaves, to wildfires that devastate a region like in Australia, and even to extreme precipitation and flooding. #IEES2020 #WarmestYear #2019